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Picture of Stargazer Lily Bouquet! Stargazer Lily Bouquet RM 151.69
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A fresh, fragrant hand bouquet of stargazer lilies. Simply elegant. Code: MY-NETSP551
Picture of Pink Rose Bouquet! Pink Rose Bouquet RM 148.87
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This cheerful hand bouquet of pink roses traditionally expresses gratitude, appreciation, elegance and admiration. It's also... Code: MY-NETSP346
Picture of Vibrant Red and Green Flower Basket! Vibrant Red and Green Flower Basket RM 329.84
Next delivery; Today
A beautiful, colourful arrangement, this country basket is filled with a riot of fab flowers! If you're looking for a thoughtful... Code: MYNF-BK-006
Picture of Yellow and Pink Flower Basket! Yellow and Pink Flower Basket RM 317.19
Next delivery; Today
If you have a friend or loved one that you are looking to spoil then why not do it with this vibrant flower basket from NetFlorist?... Code: MYNF-BK-004
Picture of Box of Sunshine! Box of Sunshine RM 247.13
Next delivery; Today
As bright and beautiful as Spring itself, this lovely arrangement of sunflowers, gerberas, roses, and tuberoses in an elegant... Code: MY-PP-WB-006
Picture of Extraordinary Orchid Basket! Extraordinary Orchid Basket RM 803.67
Next delivery; Today
Blossoming with beauty and a breath-taking color palette reminiscent of dawn; this arrangement is the perfect gift to celebrate... Code: MY-PP-WB-005
Picture of Cerise Rose Bouquet! Cerise Rose Bouquet RM 150.81
Next delivery; Today
12, 24, 36, 48 or 99 stunning cerise pink roses tied in a hand bouquet. A lovely romantic gesture. Code: MY-NETSP618
Picture of Red Rose Bouquet! Red Rose Bouquet RM 149.83
Next delivery; Today
Shoot straight for the heart with this simple bouquet of red roses. Choose a 12, 24, 36, 48 or 99 stem bouquet. Image contains... Code: MY-NETSP309
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Malaysia is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country. Along with the many indigenous cultures, substantial influences from Chinese, Indian, Persian, Arabic, and British cultures have taken place. And now there is one more culture that is influencing this country and that is South Africa. The influence from South Africa takes body in the form of an online florist in Malaysia called NetFlorist.

If you weren’t already one of the lucky thousands who know, NetFlorist is a fabulous online flower delivery service and we because we are just so super amazing you can buy flowers online from NetFlorist Malaysia. What this means for you Malaysians is that you can send flowers online to your nearest and dearest and everyone in between because NetFlorist is the best florist you could ever shop with! When you chose to shop with NetFlorist Malaysia you no longer have to take to the malls to buy flowers. Oh no! Now you can log on to NetFlorist buy amazing floral arrangements and flowers bouquets online! And may we just say that NetFlorist has the most awesome selection of gifts and flowers for sale online in Malaysia- from flower bouquets, to flower baskets, chocolate hampers and even gifts for him and her, we literally have any and every gift you could ever want to buy for a friend or loved one! All you have to do to order flowers and gifts from this florist is log on to NetFlorist today and get shopping!

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